You Need the Proper Equipment

This is a part of the series of posts that tie back to the 11 Life Lessons I Learned From Running.

I’ve run a half-marathon in a size-too-small shoes. Fortunately, I was able to walk the next day.

You need good quality tools that get the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible, but no more. It’s easy to over-do and over-think the tools that you use. Just like a pair of good, well-fitted shoes to run in, a quality notebook and pen helps me get my writing done. While my laptop may hbe more features, it also has more ways for me to distract myself. I am in a continual process of simplyfing my systems and tools to have the best ones for how I work.

Life doesn’t require the fanciest or newest tools to get the job done. Focus on quality over quantity.

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