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My list of personal art projects seems to keep growing without me actually making anything. This Christmas break, I’m going to see how many of them I can get finished. A number of them have already been started, so that should make it easier.

Projects List


  • Portrait of Grandkids – this one is actually a request for someone else


  • Stick Figure Guys – the SFG series is for all of the people who say they can’t draw a stick figure
  • Still Lifes – I’ve never liked ’em for a class assignment, but maybe done my own way?
  • Golfers – A set of paintings in memory of my Grandad
  • Dragons – a request I haven’t done for at least 5 years now
  • TSO – Watched the Trans Siberian Orchestra last weekend. If that’s not inspirational, I dunno what is
  • The Nieces – Some awesomely cute kiddos that just need to be captured in paint
  • Kitchen Gal – An idea that came to me in a dream


  • TShirt Designs – I’ve got a bunch of ideas, and I’ll never find out if they’re any good if I don’t actually get them on shirts
    • Old Skool
    • Freaks & Circuses
    • Unsane
    • R-Man
    • others
  • Penguin Cards – I’ve been drawing these guys by hand for a few years. Having them on the computer would save me some time


  • Biz Card – I’ve been wanting to try out printing. Seems like a custom business card might be a good way to start
  • Bench – the trimmed, sanded, and nicely stained pile of lumber on the porch needs to be converted into a schnazzy folding bench

Some of these projects have been put off because I get distracted and work on the next new thing. Some of them have been delayed because I’m too tired from working on school assignments. Either way, it’s time to work on them. I’ve learned some in school but now it’s time to work on something that actually interests me.

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