Life List Roundup

A lot of the reason that I’m undertaking the 100 Thing Challenge is because a minimalist lifestyle will help me to complete items on my Life List.

There are a number of names for a life list: bucket list, Things to do before I die, 43things, etc. No matter what you call it, the basic idea is the same. It’s a list of things that you want to do before a certain time-frame (generally your death, but some people are more specific.)

I always find it interesting to look at other peoples’ lists. Some have items that I want to add to my own list, some have things that I would never have any interest in trying. No matter what, it always provides an interesting insight into the author’s personality.

And so, I thought that I would provide a round-up of some of the life lists that I’ve read recently.

If you don’t already have a list of your own, now’s a good time to sit down and write a list of your own. The directions are simple, so don’t delay. With all of the inspiration above, you might be over-whelmed. Here are some popular life list items and 525 ideas to get you started.

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