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I follow quite a few blogs, covering a number of different topics. Today I thought I’d share one of them with you:

Abby Sunderland is 16, and as of right now, is somewhere in the South Atlantic Ocean (you can see where here.) She’s currently just over three months into her solo circumnavigation of the world via sailboat. Due to electrical complications, she’ll have to land soon to get her navigation system fixed, but she will continue on to finish circling the world. She may not manage to complete it non-stop, or be the youngest to do so (initial goals) but she will continue on to complete her ultimate goal.

How amazing! I don’t have the confidence in my boating skills to cross an ocean, much less any knowledge of sailing at all! I’m thoroughly impressed, not only with her abilities and confidence at 16, but also with the maturity of her decisions (such as deciding to come in to get her navigator fixed and forfeiting an initial goal).

Read more about Abby’s adventure:
Her blog.
Her official website.
See where she is.
Watch some interviews with Abby.

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