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Hello fellow Twitterites! (Is that right, Twitterites? Because fellow Twitts just sounds bad.) Matthew here. I have been pursuing adventure in my everyday life for nearly 30 years now. This site is an extension of that pursuit. It gives me an excuse, as if I needed one, to continue adventuring. More importantly, I hope that I can help others find the excitement in their everyday lives as well.

AdventureSome the blog

I operate under the belief that one does not have to travel long distances to find adventure, it can be found in your backyard, your grocery store, and your home-town. A simple changing of perspective is all that one needs to see it. The over-all purpose of this blog is to help you achieve that perspective change; to help you see the excitement available to you.

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I also try to provide useful programs, such as a Budget/Personal Financial system.

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