Journal entry – 25 September 2015, Fri – Bryce Canyon, Utah – LPG Edition

Journal entries are just that – the digital copy of my hand-written entries in my journal. If you aren’t interested in the daily details of our adventure, feel free to skip on to the next “regular” post.

I crawl under and through the RV, tracking down the propane lines and doing sniff tests to narrow down leak options. Our primary suspect is the joint by the new fridge and, using a soap solution, find a slow leak there. I ride over to the Ace Hardware in the next town and pick up some gasoline specific teflon tape to help seal the threads. Hopefully the fix will be that simple (and cheap!)

It appears to be a quick fix! We hop on the motorcycle and head out to find a campsite in the forest that backs up to the national park. There are a handful of good options less than a mile off the road so we feel confident in our chances of finding a spot tomorrow morning.

On down we go, into the park and down the scenic drive. Following our guidebook’s advice we head straight to the end of the road and check out the sights there – quite worth the trip to see! The rock towers (hoodoos) are fascinating and their colors are magnificent!


Working our way back toward the entrance we now stop at every overlook we pass, thoroughly enjoying the views!

After an enjoyable and productive day we head to bed to enjoy a movie before bed time. Ahhh… unlimited water and electricity!