Journal entry – 19 Feb 2016, Fri – Heading Back to Temecula

After breakfast we hopped on the bicycles and headed into town via a different route, heading between the different iron sculptures. Passed a family who looked like they were doing an extended bicycle tour – the father and kiddo were leading the way on a tandem bike while the mother was tagging along on a bike of her own – both bikes were loaded down with gear. But everyone looked to be enjoying themselves. Wish we’d have circled around to talk to them and learn what they were doing.

In town we stopped at the Christmas Park in the middle of the round-a-bout. It’s the weekly farmer’s market, and seemed like a good place to stop. We walked through to see what was being peddled, refilled our water bottles while listening to some music and then hopped back on the bikes.

Back home we began packing up. Ashley took the opportunity to clean inside, since we still have water and room in our tanks – but are going to stop at the dump station on the way out of town anyway. I wrap up outside and she finishes cleaning, then we’re able to head out. A quick stop at the campground to dump, a run to the visitor center to pick up some post cards, and we’re heading out of town.

It’s not a hard or strenuous drive so we’re back in Temecula before we know it. It wasn’t too much later when Carol came by to pick us up and everyone headed to Claim Jumper restaurant for dinner with Bill, Carol, Dan, Michelle, and the girls. It’s Michelle’s birthday and we’re celebrating!

Supper was delicious and the conversation was fantastic. Just as the birthday dessert cake arrived, Olivia’s supper came right back up…she had the flu all last weak and still wasn’t feeling 100%.  At least we made it through supper… but any hanging out after the meal was squashed right then. Poor Olivia.