Journal entry – 28 Apr 2016, Thurs – Leaving the Redwoods

invaders! our vacation home successful motorcycle camping

We wake early and compare our options for the day. The trails that draw our interest leave us getting back to the RV after our check-out time (so that we can move one spot over). After some debate we decide to head on back so as to not risk any sort of disciplinary action, saving the trails for another day. We pack up and re-load the motorcycle before heading north once again. A quick stop at the visitor center nets us post cards for the park and we mosey along.

Once again in Oregon, we stop for gas. The whole no-self-serve thing seems weird. A fella comes out and pumps gas for me. “No, there’s still room, keep on adding.” Half a gallon more doesn’t seem like much, but that’s not only an additional 25 miles, but also roughly a quarter of the tank!

We get back in time to move spots. After migrating and laying out our gear to dry in the sun we grab lunch and showers. Ahh… Nice to be home.

We stroll about the campground and prepare for tonight’s at-home date. Have a fabulous time together while enjoying our supper.

cool tree furry invaders date night!