Journal entry – 8 May 2016, Sun – Arriving at Chateau Jacqueline

Woke early and hit the road. Stopped to pick up coffee at Sequim. Dumped tanks at a nearby state park and then on to Jackie’s. Toured her house and settled into her parking area.

Took some maneuvering to fit through the tight turn in the driveway. Even with three of us we snagged a pole hidden in the shrubs and messed up the bottom couple of inches of weather stripping on the back driver side. But settled in, with electricity and water nearby.

Had a fabulous time visiting with Jackie and Randy, then meeting Mikel and enjoying a fabulous supper. Randy is heading out for a few month’s work trip tomorrow morning – he offered to loan us his truck, since it would be sitting at a friend’s house otherwise. So we’ve managed to have a vehicle just for us after only a couple of hours in town! We’re stunned by the offer and can’t thank him enough…

Everyone’s busy tomorrow, so Mikel headed out for home and off to bed for everyone.