Journal entry – 30 Apr 2016, Sat – Crater Lake or Bust

We wake with our alarm and get ready for the day. Lots of layers, we climb on the bike and prepare to set off. It doesn’t want to start, as if the battery is dead. Ashley gets off and I duck walk it closer to the RV to hook up the charger. One more try and it starts right up, so off we go.

About 40 miles later we stop at Lake of the Woods resort/marina to refill the gas. Whew! Mid-octane, no ethanol, boat gas. But we’re awfully low and need the fill up so we buy our most expensive tank of motorcycle gas ever. And then the bike won’t start. The key won’t turn and when we force it nothing happens.

Pull over into a nearby parking space and start fiddling with it. The conclusion that I come to is the ignition itself has given out – perhaps from all of the salt mist from being so close to the ocean for so long. Whatever the cause, it won’t start and I don’t know how to hot-wire it.

broken down bike

Fortunately, we have signal so we’re able to call our bike insurance for a ride. They cover up to $250 of towing fees, which will get us to the nearest mechanic shop. I call them and, if I’m right and the ignition simply needs replaced, they can get the part in by Thursday and work on it the next week. Um… no. We confirm that the tow truck can take us back to the RV, ok that we’ll pay the additional $240 on top of the insurance’s portion, and sit to wait for them to arrive.

Ashley calls and lets the park know that we won’t be making it for the snowshoe walk.

There are certainly worse places to be stuck… we head into the restaurant and get some fries for me and coffees for both of us. Use their wifi to get online – Ashley updates facebook and I research some potential fixes for the bike. With food and beverages finished we head out to the picnic tables overlooking the lake and enjoy the view. Beautiful blue lake surrounded by wooded hills and fluffy clouds passing by in the sky.

Dan arrives in the tow truck and we set about getting loaded. He gets everything strapped down securely and we pile into the truck and head down the mountain. Quite a delightful conversation we had – he’s from the area originally and points out quite a few features along the way. We also talk about travel – he lived in Hawaii and then worked as an over-the-road truck driver for 9 years. Very interesting.

loaded for the ride home

Back at home we unload and take a break to relax. I head out and start working on the bike. Our neighbor comes over and sees what I’m doing. He has a couple of suggestions and offers any number of tools in case I might need them. Bypassing the ignition allows me to get the bike started, but the temporary jumpers are just that.

I know what the problem is!

It’s after supper time, so we eat. Tomorrow I’ll head into town and get a switch.