Journal entry – 14 Apr 2016, Thurs – Moving into Yosemite

After breakfast we packed up and headed out, aiming for our next park, Yosemite. We stopped in Visalia for wifi – finally sent out the weekly Adventure-Some email and looking up camp site options inside Yosemite. Really nice coffee shop (Tazzaria) and delicious wrap that we split for lunch. Pulling out, I turned too sharp and scraped across a light post – poked a small hole in the side of the RV – it’s fiberglass, though, so a patch should be pretty easy to do. Until then we’ve got a strip of white duct tape covering it.

Stopped at the visitors center before heading into the park. Learned about campground options, trails, and also the back country camping options in the adjacent national forest.

Headed into the park and got a campsite at Wawosa, then hopped on the motorcycle for a short trail. Ended up being about a mile long with a suspension bridge across the stream in the middle. Beautiful stroll with only a couple of people on it. We paused at the bridge on the return and I quickly sketched the scene.

2016-04-14 17.16.33 2016-04-23 10.15.45

Back on the motorcycle, we headed out of the park to find the nearby boondocking location. We can’t get a campground ahead of time, it would be on a day-by-day basis, which just sounds stressful. Though we miss the turn and travel an extra mile or so, we find a great camping area (Goat’s Meadow Snowplay Area) just outside the entrance of the park, just a few miles further away from the campground we would be staying in otherwise. It’s big and empty and free!

We head back to the RV, eat supper, and then stroll through the campground before reading in bed.