Journal entry – 10 Feb 2016, Wed – exploring the mountain

Without any plans leading into the day, we took a look at the map, found a nearby green area (a park of some sort) that had lots of squiggles in the road, and headed toward it. Quite the unscientific approach but it really worked out well!

We headed to Palomar Mountain state park to see what we could see. We passed through critus orchards – they smelled delicious and were pretty with the dots of orange highlighting the trees. Coming to our road we began winding up the mountain road. It was quite twisty and we crept our way up – passing some bicyclists along the way.

At the top we found a spot alongside the road to sit and enjoy a snack while overlooking the valley below us. What a fabulous view!

Looking Down from Palomar Mountain

After eating we headed further back into the mountains to check out the Palomar Observatory. We were able to check out the visitors center and then head back into the observatory itself, seeing the telescope and generally exploring. What a fascinating place and amazing discoveries it’s made! Went there on a whim, but so glad that we did!

Palomar Mountain Observatory - inside Palomar Mountain Observatory - outside

A tree on the observatory grounds

A tree on the observatory grounds

Heading down the mountain via a different route, we headed back toward Old Town for a late lunch at EAT Marketplace. Delicious, as always.

Picked up a few things at the grocery store and then headed home. Ashley put together supper while I completed some chores in the RV.

Yet another fabulous meal spent chatting with Bill and Carol over supper.