The Art of Getting Lost

We bought an RV!

But that’s not the exciting part.

No, not at all. The exciting part is what we’re going to do with it. We’re going to explore the continental United States. All of it. Just driving around, hiking in all of the National Parks and National Forests – and visiting whatever else happens to catch our attention along the way. No time frame, no deadline. Just the two of us in our RV, on the open road.

There will be challenges, set-backs, and plenty of wrong turns. But that’s ok – and not just because we’re expecting it. How exciting would an adventure be if there were no challenges to over come? How many fewer memories would be made if everything went along perfectly? And it’s just not a road trip unless there is at least one wrong turn somewhere along the way.

We haven’t hit the road yet, or even moved into the RV, and there have already been a few debates between us. We have begun getting rid of our stuff so that we can downsize from our filled two bedroom, one car garage place into a 29′ box on wheels. But we’ll get there, together, working toward the shared goal of living in our RV and exploring the world around us.

Wrong turns? Our trip isn’t planned out. We have mapped out all of the National Parks and Forests in the US (literally – there is a map sitting on our bookshelf, filled with stickers that indicate where everything is) and we have plotted a direction to help us get started – it’s a zig zagging north, by the way. Beyond a direction for the first few months, we have only the foggiest of ideas.

That is just the beginning, though, and it’s enough to get us started.

No, we don’t have a final destination in mind. There is no set date to finish. There is a big ole world out there, and we’re equipped and exited to go and explore it. To see what there is to see, for ourselves.

Won’t you come and get lost along with us?