Journal entry – 5 Jan 2016, Tues – Back in Nature

What a lovely way to wake up – to silence. Quickly followed by the opening of the curtains so that we can enjoy the desert landscape. Cacti and shrubs leading out to the nearby mountains – what beautiful scenery!

The view out our window

The view out our window

Since we’re staying in a county campground and not an “RV park” the sites are pleasantly spaced out. We can see our neighbors but kind of have to look to spot them. How delightful!

We eat breakfast out on the picnic table, sitting in the sun.

Then we hopped on the bicycles, wearing our new jerseys! and headed over to the visitor’s center for Saguaro Forest. Whoah… we haven’t ridden any hills since, probably Montana. So that was a bit more challenging than we expected. But it’s a beautiful landscape so the scenery was amazing. We arrived just in time for the short introductory video about the forest and the Saguaro (pronounced Suh-war-oh) and then took the short interpretive trail around the center. Then a ride back home and lunch time!

After lunch we got on the motorcycle for a trip past the visitor’s center, around the loop through the heart of the Saguaro forest. It’s beautiful scenery, if a bit hard for me to focus on while on the sandy/gravel road. It’s overcast and thus a bit cool so we don’t stay out too long – but it’s awfully nice to be out riding together, not waiting in traffic and stop lights.

Back home we play a couple games of Scrabble while waiting for the beef stew to simmer. Boy, was it worth the wait!