Journal entry – 4 Jan 2016, Mon – On the road, again

We woke with the first alarm and promptly finished the last couple of packing touches so that we could pull out of our lot. Still dark and not quite time for breakfast, we ran errands – bought the first gas for the RV since November, picked up a few groceries at the store, and then a last visit to Bead & Berry. After coffee and breakfast we headed south to Tucson.

The plan is to visit Saguaro Forest National Park – but it’s an overcast, rainy day today – so we’re heading into town to check out a bookstore (looking for a 2016 calendar) and generally hide out from the weather. We could both use new shoes so we look for those while in the mall (without any luck). Wraps for lunch in the parking lot… it feels like we’re back home again. 😀

Then over to a nearby Sprouts, a grocery store we’ve really come to enjoy. They have great prices on good looking produce. We’ll certainly miss them when we can’t find them around any more.

Finished shopping, we head out to the Tucson Mountain Park for a couple of nights. It’s a county park with a campground that has electric hookups. It’s not too far from the western half of Saguaro and will give us a good home base and a place to rest a bit – we’re both far more tired than we realized! It’s so quiet here! We are also surprised at how accustomed we’d become to the background noise of generators and traffic. The water pump and refrigerator fan seem so loud!

We picked up a roasted chicken, I make salsa, and Ashley mashes the last of our rutabagas from the CSA. Delicious supper!