Journal entry – 3 Jan 2016, Sun – Wrapping up

After walking to two different coffee shops, both of which were closed, we ended up back home – researching weather. It turns out that our plans to visit New Mexico won’t quite work out due to freezing temperatures. There’s enough of a concern that our pipes might freeze and burst for us to skip New Mexico until a non-El Nino year. What a shame! But better safe than sorry in this case.

Mel and Jo (Valley View Trees owners) stopped by to pick up paperwork, office supplies, and generally wrap up the season. We enjoyed chatting with them. Jerry and the distribution crew came by and picked up all of the supplies and left-over fireworks as well.

We’ve been watching through the first two seasons of Heroes during our time in Arizona and we finished off the last episode before bed – before hitting the road. What perfect timing!