Journal entry – 24 Feb 2016, Wed – Cooking, visiting, and prepping

After taking Bella to school, Michelle sat and chatted with us for a couple of hours. The twins played in their “cave” and so we were able to just sit and talk. Delightful! Once she left we headed to the grocery store in the RV to stock up on dry goods and ingredients for tonight’s going-away/thank-you meal for Bill and Carol. Back at the house we prepped everything and I packed away some things from the garage (bicycle stuffs, motorcycle maintenance items, etc) while Ashley cleaned up.

Then Michelle arrived and we headed to Ponte for a wine tasting. Just the three of us, so another chance to visit, this time without the interruptions of tiny voices (they do have awfully adorable little voices). She surprised us with a bottle of the taste that we liked the most. What a delicious treat that will be when we’re out in Death Valley! 😀

Back at the house, there was still time to make another batch of cookies. Ashley’s wasn’t super pleased with yesterday’s new recipe and wants to give it another shot (and she loves making cookies and giving them away). They do look different than yesterday’s batch and taste delicious, though less chocolatey.

We fire up the grill and warm up the oven. Everything was set to go and with all of the prep work done it wasn’t long before supper was ready and on the table. Bill and Carol had to work later than expected (which was fine with us, since we’d tested more than enough cookies and dough as an “appetizer”) and we started eating when Carol made it and Bill joined us when he arrived. Everything was delicious and we had a delightful time chatting with them.


Stuffed porkchops, grilled asparagus, baked stuffed tomatoes and a citrus kale salad. Wow!