Journal entry – 21 July 2015, Tues – RAGBRAI Day #III

Journal entries are just that – the digital copy of my hand-written entries in my journal. If you aren’t interested in the daily details of our adventure, feel free to skip on to the next “regular” post.

It got cold last night, down into the mid 50’s – had to use all of my blankets. Didn’t want to get out of bed. Ate a granola bar and a couple bites of peanut butter and were able to hit the road about 6:25.


Didn’t take long to reach Duncombe, 12.8 miles away. Great offerings for breakfast – we got some Chris Cakes. Someone mentioned pancakes yesterday and they’ve been sounding great ever since. Ashley’s got tossed to her – she caught all four of them! Plus, sausage and coffee made a great breakfast. I went back for a second round.


On to Webster City, 8.7 miles later. Beautiful town. Still full, we walked through and refilled our water bottles before heading to Boondocks, 15 more miles.


Stopped at the Flying J for a pit stop, saw a Tardis out in the parking lot (being mundanely transported, I suppose). They had Cinnabon samples – smelled and tasted delicious!


On to Williams, 1.3 miles further. Rode through and stopped for water just outside of town. Ate half a Cliff Bar and ran into a couple from Paducah riding a tandem!


Alden, 11 more miles, was today’s meeting town. We saw signs for a baked potato bar and that sounded great so we checked them out. Delicious and filling, and different from the usual offerings. Lots of food, with chili, beans, ham cubes, cheese, onions, sour cream, nacho cheese, jalapenos and broccoli to top them! We ate and chatted with a woman from Colorado whose son and his family (wife and 2 small kids) are traveling the world on a sail boat named Field Trip.


In Buckeye we sat in the shade of an apple tree, after 6.6 miles and finished the other half of our Cliff Bars. Then on the home stretch for the day.


Ashley wants this jersey

Along the way we stopped at one of the RAGBRAI institutions, Beekman’s ice cream. Home-made with old, old 2-cylinder engines. You can hear them before you see them. We got peach and split a large. Oh, was it good! Sat in the shade and ate it.


17.5 more miles to Eldora for 72.9 total with 1,325 feet of climb for the day. After missing our turn we looped back into camp and grabbed our bags. Set up camp next to a row of pine trees that would shade us in an hour or two. Our tent rain fly was soaked from last night’s dew and we spread it out to dry in the sun. Didn’t take too long.

Ashley grabbed a shower while I charged my phone a bit at the charging station. Next time we definitely need a solar charger to strap on to my luggage rack.


She ran into Scott in the school lobby and we coordinated for supper. St. Mary’s had chicken and cheese pasta which sounded good. Over a mile away so we rode on over. Served over 2 biscuits and green beans on the side. Our plates were over flowing. Carrots and tomatoes on the table and a slice of delicious pie (blueberry for Ashley and pecan for me). We definitely left full!

Scott went in to town for the evening and we came back to camp. Went in to the school to charge our phones