Journal entry – 20 August 2015, Thurs – Red Lodge, Montana

Journal entries are just that – the digital copy of my hand-written entries in my journal. If you aren’t interested in the daily details of our adventure, feel free to skip on to the next “regular” post.


It did get chilly! And stayed that way for some time. We stayed bundled up almost all morning!  


Adding on some extra layers, we get on the motorcycle and head on up the road to explore the Beartooth Highway. It goes up and crosses over the mountain range, taking us from 6,000 feet to almost 11,000, down, and then all back in reverse. One of the brochures call it the prettiest motorcycle ride in America.


It was spectacular! We stopped only once on the way up – it was very overcast/hazy and we hoped it would clear up during the afternoon ride. We refueled in Cook City ($3.20 a gallon, glad it was the motorcycle and not the RV!), topped off our water bottles, and then stopped for lunch at a picnic spot a couple of miles back. Beautiful little waterfall to watch as we ate.


We had noted some places to visit and made a number of stops on the way back. Like a waterfall with a foot bridge only feet away from it. You could feel the water thundering as it hit the bottom. There we had company, a badger who stopped every 5′ to look back at us as he walked away.


Along the way we found the Beartooth Loop trailhead for an upcoming dayhike (maybe – it’s short enough for a day but the air is thin and the terrain may be a bit much for a single day). Stopped for a look at Island Lake, which is just as beautiful as you expect it to be.

Unfortunately, the clouds/fog didn’t lift, so we bypassed going up to the fire watch tower. On the way back to the Loop Trail we’ll be right by here so we can explore then.


Of course, we had to stop at the summit. Nearly 11,000 feet high! Cold, too. Had been for most of the ride, you could really feel the elevation! There was a nearby rock outcrop – which really looked like the highest point, so we made sure to climb up it. What a spectacular view of the world below!


In the parking area we passed a couple whose RV travel map was nearly full, only 4 states to go (California, Nevada, New Jersey, and Hawaii). They’ve been toruing for 6 years and only count states if they camp in the RV and exlore some. We like how they travel!

They were in a nice Class B. Which prompted a discussion that we could have gone smaller, or how a pull-behind trailer would have its advantages. We don’t want to change and love our home. It feels like home and is large enough that we can see living in it long term. For traveling and being out in the wildernes we could definitely have gone smaller, though.

One last stop on the way back is a rest area/overlook. We realize that, down at the bottom of the valley, we can see a clearing and, in it, our home!

While on the road, a weasel of some sort crosses in front of us.

Back at home we prepare supper and eat. I check the mouse traps and discover our pest has gone to meet his maker. Horray!

We read before bed.