Journal entry – 9 July 2015, Thurs

Journal entries are just that – the digital copy of my hand-written entries in my journal. If you aren’t interested in the daily details of our adventure, feel free to skip on to the next “regular” post.

Early start this morning – we got up at 5 to join Jim at the Y. We hit up some weights for a bit before heading to the pool. Unfortunately, no lanes were open so we just soaked in the hot tub before grabbing showers.

Out of milk, so I ran to the grocery store to pick up some. Sounds simple enough but still takes me a moment to get my bearings for the area.

Back home we assembled a crockpot full of beans and rice for tonight’s supper before frying some eggs for breakfast.

The sun is out, a nice calm day so we’re sitting out on the pier and reading. The water is so flat and clear that we can see everything. Fun watching the fish swimming around.

After scrounging for left-overs for lunch Joni, Ashley and I hop in the car to go check out her favorite farmer’s market. Jim is golfing tomorrow so the gals plan on canning and need supplies. We head in to the West Allis market. It is a beautiful setting, though it’s a bit early in the season so not quite bustling. We pick up beets and cucumbers for canning plus greens for tonight’s salad. On the way out we grab an apple cider donut each and sit to enjoy them. Delicious!

We meander through town and head to a Trader Joe’s where we grab some more groceries. I enjoy their coffee and pick up a can of beans to bolster my supply of Folgers.

Back home I make some phone calls to family while Joni and Ashley finish prepping supper. Mom and Gary are tenatively interested in coming up to visit us before the RAGBRAI. They have to see if the scheduling will work out. Would be great to visit with them, so I hope they decide to!

Supper of salad with red beans and rice was fabulous! After eating Jim and I head over to the Kiltie drive-in and pick up a quart of custard to accompany the rhubarb crisp that Joni made. Oh, was that tasty! I believe that we all pretty well ate ourselves miserable!

Afterward we watched the movie “Chef” which only Ashley had previously seen, while I crocheted a coffee coozie. We really enjoyed the movie. Good thing we weren’t hungry while watching it!