Journal entry – 9 Apr 2016, Sat – Groceries and game night

I was up till about midnight and then woke again about four. After lying in bed for about thirty minutes it was time to get up. After reading for a bit I finally started to get sleepy again about six, but the alarm was set for seven so it was time for coffee instead of sleep – that just wasn’t going to be enough to be helpful.

Ashley got up and was ready to go – we headed for the Farmer’s Market about 8:45 to pick up fresh produce to stock up for our pending departure. Heading out Monday and need to refill the fridge and pantry.

Finished shopping, we head into downtown SLO and grab some brunch before meeting Karen at Costco for a few more items. She has more errands to run so we take everything back to the house and put it away.

I grabbed a nap.

Since the Thai restaurant was closed for the weekend Jim ran to the store for some last ingredients and we put together pizzas for supper. Matt came and joined us as we ate (pizza night to make up for not having one last month!) and then Marial came over for game night. We played Catch Phrase and had an absolute blast. Everyone laughed till it hurt and the teams ended up pretty evenly matched. Couldn’t have asked or planned a better evening!