Journal entry – 8 Jan 2016, Fri – meandering to Quartzsite

Last night’s WalMart was noisy, so we didn’t sleep so well. Brant called and woke me up (after I’d already turned off the alarm) but I ended up hanging up on him.

After breakfast and a quick shopping run we moved across the street to the Goodwill, looking for a crockpot to replace our broken one. No luck, so we backtracked a couple of miles for a last coffee before heading back out into the wilderness. So much coffee! T.S. Elliot said “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.” I think we need to measure ours in coffee shops. Delightful little shop where we got some last chores done online.

On down the intersate we head, stopping at a rest area for lunch. Not too much further we reach Quartzsite and head through, finding a secluded(ish) parking areaout in the desert. Our closest neighbors are about 300 yards away. Looking out our dining room window we see scrub desert and mountains off in the distance. After registering we head into town on the motorcycle and see what there is to see.

Looking out our window

Looking out our window

Not much, as it turns out. Quartzsite is a small town that swells to (one estimate says) a million people next weekend. It’s the Sturgis of RV’s. There are hundreds of vendor stalls, but most of them are closed up for the day. No restaurant catches our attention so we head back home for supper with plans to return and check out the market another day.

It’s interesting to see so many RV’s in one place, and the crowds haven’t even begun to arrive yet! It’s nice to see so many RV’s around – to be part of the welcomed majority instead of the questionable minority.

Called Brant back. Good timing on his call, as I had “call Brant” on my todo list for today anyway!