Journal entry – 8 Feb 2016, Mon – Menifee and Maintenance

After breakfast we hopped on the motorcycle and headed up to check out Menifee – the other nearby Christmas Tree lot. Took the long route through the countryside to enjoy the trip. We stopped at a park down the road from the lot for lunch. Town itself doesn’t seem like much more than a big suburb with some chain stores – tract development. It’s awfully convenient to family, so that’s certainly nice. We’ll see if it’s available next year for trees.

Lots of stop signs along the way, so we hop on the freeway and head to Old Town for a coffee as we’re tired of riding. Back at the Havana Kitchen we grab drinks and chat for a bit.

Back home it’s maintenance time. Wash and oil the bicycles, was the motorcycle, clean the A/C filter in the RV, etc. Productive afternoon, if not completing the todo list just yet.