Journal entry – 5 Apr 2016, Tues – Motorcycling to Avila

Ashley and I have a lazy morning before hopping on the motorcycle and heading across the mountains to Avila. Joni recommended a route for us (she used to live on one of the roads) and sentiments were echoed by Jim and Karen, so we couldn’t pass it up.

What a beautiful road, winding up and over the mountains, with fabulous views of Morro Bay and the Rock, along with the green hills in-between! The recommendations did not disappoint!

In Avila, we parked and walked out on the pier. Beautiful blue water, a couple of harbor seals, and gorgeous rocky cliffs.

Tried to go back to the Avila Valley Barn for apple cider and roasted corn, but they’re closed on Tuesday and Wednesday! Alas… Back into town for a shared smoothie that we enjoyed while walking past the shops.

Headed back home. I napped while Ashley put together a salad for tonight’s supper. There’s a tri-tip marinating in the fridge. Jim ends up pretty busy with work, however, and we decide to save the grilling for tomorrow. The salad is delicious as supper by itself.