Journal entry – 3 May 2016, Tues – Tillamook cheese and into Washington!

After breakfast we continue along the road, meandering along the coast. It’s not too much further until the town of Tillamook, home of the Tillamook cheese factory. Free self-guided factory tours, samples, and all of delicious cheese! We can’t wait to explore….

There are two parking lots, one for cars and a separate one for RV’s. How convenient! We pull in and easily park, then head into the factory. It’s fascinating to read about the history of the company, which includes history of the whole area and the development of the dairy industry from pasture creation on to currenty day computerized cheese making. After reading everything and watching the cheese being sliced and packaged, we walk through the sample line, tasting a variety of delicious cheeses. Though we manage to not pick up any cheese blocks this time, we can’t avoid the ice cream line. What a delicious treat, extra creamy ice cream made from local milk. Mmmm….

Time for grocery shopping, we stop at Fred Meyer (which is Kroger) and stock up for the week. Then we continue on north. Along the way we pull over in a view point for a mid-afternoon snack. Once we finish our popcorn we step out to enjoy the view and a gentleman in a Smart car pulls up. He’s a motorcyclist and wanted to check out our set-up. Pat is a delightful fellow and we have a great conversation with him about travel, motorcycles, life, and more.

Just after supper time we cross over into Washington. Another state! We feel like we’ve shorted Oregon, as we’ve greatly enjoyed the landscape and scenery. It’s made it to the list as a potential future home. Pull into a rest area for supper and decide to spend the night.