Journal entry – 24 Mar 2016, Thurs – Arriving in Los Osos

Woke early and headed up the 1. Stopped to take care of some chores online and to pass a bit of time. Completed, we continued on into San Luis Obispo and found parking. Walked downtown to check out the shops and pass the afternoon until Jim and Karen were home from work. Stopped at the Central Coast Brewing company for a drink and as a place to sit and rest for a bit.

Received word that everyone was going to be home, so we headed their way. Once parked and after receiving the house tour we all went back to SLO to peruse the farmer’s market. Picked up some delicious BBQ (tri-tip and pulled pork sandwiched)! Into the bookstore/coffee shop where we sat and talked until far too late.

Back at the house, we looked through photo albums before finally heading off to bed.