Journal entry – 23 Feb 2016, Tues – Day date and baking

Today’s Ashley’s date planning day for the month. So when she joins me with her morning coffee I was informed that we’re going to try brunch at a new place and then head to the movies. So after getting ready for the day, we do exactly that. She guides me to the Havana Kitchen, the Cuban restaurant in Old Town where we’ve been for coffee. They have a breakfast menu that is different than a “normal” breakfast place and sounds intriguing.

We have empanadas (chicken, vegetarian, spicy chicken, and pulled pork) that come with a side of black beans and rice. Delicious and very filling!


After finishing our meal we head over to the movie theater. Since it’s an early showing there’s only a few other people there. Bill and Carol offered us a pair of free tickets (coupons they received in a gift basket years ago) – the girl in the booth tried to talk us into saving them for a showing later in the day, which would be a higher price and thus more value, but since they’ve been sitting for years and we’re here now, we went in and watched the movie.

Deadpool – came highly recommended by Tobey – and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Kind of raunchy but very funny!

Then it was time to head back to the house, get in a quick bike ride (we’re definitely morning people, we never quite got into the groove) and then some baking. Ashley started cookies, a new recipe for big, fluffy ones, while I changed the oil in the motorcycle. While the cookies were in the oven Ashley started another batch of cupcakes, by request, since Bill enjoyed them so much. We put the cookies in a tin and hid them so that they can be a surprise tomorrow, perhaps we can drop them off at the office.

The size of my face!

The size of my face!