Journal entry – 16 Mar 2016, Wed – Bike and Hike around Big Bear Lake

Once it warms up we head out on the bicycles around Big Bear Lake. Beautiful views, though hard pedaling as we knock off the rust and salt from our bicycles that accumulated from the surf’s mist along the shore.

2016-03-16 09.52.04 HDR 2016-03-16 09.36.21

Back at the RV we grab lunch and hop on the motorcycle to go scout out the cabin. Easy enough to find and only a few miles away.

Then we head back home and hike up a trail into the mountains. It joins the PCT and we hike along the famous trail until it’s covered by snow – which would quickly soak through my running shoes. Ashley’s pretty intrigued by the trail, so it was great to spend a few steps on it.
2016-03-16 16.13.56 2016-03-16 16.21.41 2016-03-16 16.25.28 2016-03-16 16.38.15