Journal entry – 12 Jan 2016, Tues – Walking across London Bridge

After breakfast we geared up and headed north to Lake Havasu City. It was a pretty ride, much hillier and a bit curvier than any of the other rides we’ve been on in the last few days.

A real London Bridge is there, stretched between the main land and an island in the lake. It was purchased from London after modern day traffic was taking a toll on it and they had to rebuild their bridge. I can’t imagine how much time and work it would take to move a bridge across an ocean – they numbered each stone, dismantled it, and moved it in pieces. I’m also not sure how one dismantles a mortared-together block of stones without damaging all of them!

2016-01-12 12.44.35 2016-01-12 12.29.45 HDR

We pulled into the visitor center parking lot and walked underneath the bridge then climbed up the stairs to the “street level” and walked across it and back. Very cool! I was surprised, and disappointed, that there wasn’t a geocache in the area.

2016-01-12 12.33.12

Still cold, even after our stroll and picnic lunch, we head out to find a local coffee shop. It doesn’t take long, and we settle in to use their wifi while holding our mugs close. We both look up the Balloon Festival that will be taking place in just a couple of days. Since we can’t make it to the big festival in Albuquerquie we’ll head up here, instead. It’s getting too crowded near Quartzsite, anyway, and we’re ready to head out.

Heading back home, we cross over the Parker Dam (that creates Lake Havasu) and travel south on the California side of the river. The dam is pretty attractive, though we don’t stop for any pictures. It’s a short half-circle to get across it (with guards on both sides!) and soon we’re winding down the road next to the river. Burros, and signs warning of burros on the road, are everywhere! We see a few dozen along the way.

Before I realize it we’re back in recognizable area. Before crossing the river into Arizona we continue on and find the Big River RV Park where Mom and Gary stayed last year. We need to be heading on home so we don’t stay long.

On back to the RV we head. Too late to visit the RV show and market in Quartzsite tonight, so we go home and fix supper and retire for the evening.

Fun day, plans made for tomorrow, and generally enjoyable!