Journal entry – 11 July 2015, Sat

Journal entries are just that – the digital copy of my hand-written entries in my journal. If you aren’t interested in the daily details of our adventure, feel free to skip on to the next “regular” post.

Big ride today, 75 miles. Alarm’s set for 5 and we head out about 6. Apparently it takes us about 10 or so miles to get warmed up and into the pedaling groove. First break at 22 miles.

Lots of pedaling. Stopped at Trader’s Coffee in Delafield for lunch – sandwiches and coffee and a lemon scone for me. Still delicious food and we felt much better afterward. Another loop on the Lake Country Recreation Trail – I wonder how many miles we’ve put in on this trail in the last 10 days. More than 100, I’m sure.


We wrapped up with a loop through a subdivision near the house and guestimated perfectly. 75.10 miles on the odometer when we stopped. Almost exactly!

We both agree that we could have ridden more, though more food would be needed. So we plan on doing a century ride a couple of weeks after the RAGBRAI. We’re in shape for it and it’s one of Ashley’s New Year goals.


I dove into the lake for a cool down swim while Ashley grabbed a shower. Before getting out I hang on the pier, watching a dozen or so little fish float around just inches away from me. Very cool to watch!

Jumped in the shower and then phoned home to see if Mom and Gary were coming up to visit and shuttle us into Iowa, plus providing some tech support. Alas, no luck!


We all head to Roasti’s for pizza. Delicious! And very much appreciated after the day’s ride. We stop at Ben Franklin’s and I grab another pack of yarn skiens for the road. Hopefully we will have enough to make an afgan for the window seat, plus a couple of other smaller projects.


On the way back to the cottage we pick up the RV and shuttle it back, then load almost everything for tomorrow’s departure.