Starting the 100 Thing Challenge

Today’s the day. For 31 days, I’ll be living as if I only have 100 personal items.

In reality, however, I’ve been living like this for the last two weeks now. I made my list and then I packed all but my 100 things away. (I’ll be explaining in more detail how I did that soon.) That was a week ago, and I’ve been using only the things that I kept out. Only once or twice have I needed to reconsider what I was using (the temperature dropped, and I needed some warmer layers while on the motorcycle.)

Based on this experience, I shouldn’t have any problem making it through the month. Even as the temperature begins to dip lower, I expect to layer my clothes and keep warm while riding the motorcycle (which is a technique that I learned while backpacking).

Maybe I’ve left out a few things that I needed. Perhaps I’ve kept out far too much. I’m excited to see how it goes! It should be an interesting month.

3 thoughts on “Starting the 100 Thing Challenge

    • Matthew says:

      That’s what I’m thinking, and what my experience has been so far. I have noticed a few things that I’m going to remove from my list and replace with different items. The weather seems to have taken a turn downward, and a few warmer items won’t be unwelcomed.

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